Red acrylic laptop screen covers.

Our red acrylic laptop screen covers are great for anyone that wants to preserve there eyes dark adaptation while using a laptop at night. Great for astronomy buffs, pilots, and law enforcement.

Our screen covers are laser cut from 1/8th inch cast acrylic with a flame polished edge and rounded corners. Built in to the covers are elastic straps with velcro fasteners that loop around the back of the laptop screen to mount the screen cover in a quick, solid way that does not modify the laptop screen or mar it in any way.

These are custom made to your specifications. Send us specific measurements for your laptop screen and we will custom cut to those specs.

When placing your order you will order the general class of screen cover 15 inch, 17 inch etc... and you will need to provide the specific measurements for you specific laptop screen in the specific measurements section I.E. 14 3/8” x 9 5/8” or  36.51 cm x 24.44 cm When measuring the dimensions for your screen be sure to include clearances for the screen latches at the top of the screen. Just measure from below the latches to the bottom of the screen for the vertical measurement.

Our red acrylic laptop screen covers

Laser cut from 1/8th inch thick cast acrylic

Elastic straps with velcro fasteners hold the screen securely without modification or marring

Keep your eyes dark adapted in style while using your laptop

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